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Pitak Court

A sign announcing “No Pets! Fine B5,000” greets new arrivals at Pitak Court. Mrs Su, the building manager, will also warn you that house plants are strictly banned. A walk around the inner courtyard with its army of semi-docile cats and balconies dripping with foliage reveals that these are not rules to take seriously.

Sunshine Court

One of the things that’s always prohibited me from moving to Sunshine Court are permanently swirling rumours that it’ll be knocked down. That and the ridiculously gouged electricity rates. For now though, its teal stairwells and mercenary approach to letting film crews commandeer the common grounds whenever the price is right remain.


Kannikar Court

Is this the most beautiful apartment facade in Bangkok? When architect Jane Sakolthanarak (เจน สกลธนารักษ์) designed the nine storey-high Kannikar Court in 1967, he created what Professor Vimolsiddhi Horayangkura, founder of Thammasat University’s Faculty of Architecture and Planning, would go on to call Bangkok’s first modern apartment complex.

TY Court

Built at the end of the ‘60s by a prominent Thonglor land-owning family, TY's units are designed on a grand scale, so consequently many are rented among friends. I’ve visited at least four apartments, and can report that communal living hasn’t robbed them of their charm. 


Samsen Court

Dr. Maiyadhaj Samsen was 12 when his father finished work on Samsen Court. “I remember the year was 1964 because I learned to swim in this pool,” he says. “All the kids in the area would come and play in that pool.'

Pichai Court

On the edge of Dusit Palace, Pichai Court was founded by a group of brothers who bought the architectural plans for Samyan Court in Ari and replicated it with downgraded materials. It was originally inhabited by UN workers stationed in Bangkok.


Golden Star

Golden Star’s attractions go far beyond its wonderful name (more G.I. go-go bar than prime real estate). Each floor of the building at the back is split into just two units, many of which are rented as artist’s studios. The single houses here are just 100 metres from Sukhumvit Road.

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